Our Vision

The Moon will play a central role in our evolution into a Spacefaring civilization.

The Moon will not only become a place to develop and perfect critical space technologies. It will be a premier destination for millions who wish to experience the ultimate lifetime adventure. Within the next generation, ever-larger permanent towns and cities will be built on the Moon. Lunar tourism will become a major economic driver for continued development. As the price of tickets to visit the Moon drops over time, a trip to the Moon will eventually become affordable to mainstream consumers. Our Virtual Moon is the ultimate expression of this vision. We can’t physically transport you to the Moon. But we will give millions of people the opportunity to visit the Moon, to explore at will, and to get to know it in stunning photo-realistic detail.

Our Mission

To transport MILLIONS of people to the Moon. The goal is to have ONE MILLION people visit Virtual Moon in the first year, and millions more after that. The Virtual Moon will be free and open to all!

You are all invited to experience being on the Moon in the most accurate, detailed, and realistic immersive VR simulation ever created. We want to share a bold and inspiring vision of the future. We aim to capture the imagination of young-at-heart people from 5 to 105 years old. So that they may realize that they can actively participate in creating our common future. Virtual Moon is not just about giving you a vision of the future, it is also about giving you the tools with which you can be part of building that future.
Join us! Get involved. Be part of the greatest adventure in all of Human history!

Return to the Moon poster by Mark Maxwell