What is Virtual Moon?

Virtual Moon is an immersive VR experience of the Moon. We are creating a simulation of the entire Lunar surface which is based on actual Lunar topography data primarily obtained from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter mission, the brand new USGS/NASA moon map, as well as high-resolution photography and historical data from past Moon missions. The Virtual Moon will be accurate in every visual detail. It will, of course, include all man-made objects that were sent to or left on the Moon. You will be able to visit every landing site and walk around, examine, and learn about the objects to be found there. You will have complete freedom of movement over the entire Moon, either by just walking around in your custom spacesuit or by driving or piloting your own surface or flying vehicles.

Where on the Moon will you want to go first?

Virtual Moon will be a massive update of an earlier Virtual Reality Moon simulation that we created back in 2006 which was called Lunar Explorer.

In addition to the new LRO topology data set which is up to 50 times higher resolution than the topology data used for Lunar Explorer, VM will have photorealistic textures, gravity and physics simulators, and many other features that were not possible when LE was created.

Screen shot from 2005 Lunar Explorer Moon simulation